Where we are

Pedra Rubia: where we are

The Association is based in the  Pedra Rubia Bed & Breakfast.
We are in South West Coast of Sardinia, in the hearth of the Sulcis Iglesiente, at Nebida, a mining village by the sea, few kilometers away from Iglesias and 66 kilometers away from Cagliari.

How to get here?

You can get to Nebida by car from Cagliari or the airport at Elmas by following directions for the SS 130 trunk road, heading in the Iglesias direction. You will be heading directly west. When you come to the exits for Iglesias, continue straight on towards Sant’Antioco (and Gonnesa and Carbonia), cut through the villages of Monteponi and Bindua and keep going until you see the sign for Nebida and Buggerru. NB, the sign is just 200 metres before the turn, so it is worth paying extra attention to the road signs once you have passed through Bindua. After turning right, keep going straight until you see the sea, or more specifically, the beach at Fontanamare. bb-pedra-rubia-come-arrivare_nebidaHere you should find signs for Nebida, which will take you upwards to the right along a scenic road leading from the beach at Fontanamare to Nebida. This is one of the prettiest stretches of road in Sardinia, so take care not to let the breathtaking views distract the driver. There is a stopping space shortly after the first hairpin bends, where you can admire the coastline.

bb-pedra-rubia-nebidaOnce you reach Nebida, follow the main street through the village until you reach a small piazza with a bar-cum-tabacchi on the right. Go past the bar and after the road has made another sweep round to the right, you will be able to see the Bed and Breakfast on the hillside in front of you. The road up the hill leaves the main road on the right-hand side, next to a Pizzeria take-away.
Follow it upwards until you reach a junction where the ground levels out and you see the gated entrance to the Santa Margherita mine. On the left of the closed tunnel, there is a small road that climbs rather steeply up the hill, and a hundred or so metres later, brings you to the Pedra Rubia B&B.