Sant’Antioco MTB Tour – Cycling by the Sea

Mountain Bike Tour: Half day

Sant’Antioco is Italy’s 4th largest island. It’s part of south Sardinia’s Sulcis Iglesiente, and close to Carbonia. Our tour offers you the chance to discover the eastern and southern coasts of Sant’Antioco, taking you over a variety trails, roads and landscapes – literally cycling by the sea.
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Fenicotteri rosa
Pink Flamingos
  • Distance: 33,7 km (20.97 mi)
  • Time: 3,5 h
  • Elevation min: 0 m
  • Elevation max: 115 m (381 f)
  • Elevation gain: 350 m (1,152 f)
  • Technical Difficulty: moderate
  • Difficulty Level: moderate


  • The city of Sant’Antioco
  • The Pink Flamingos in the ponds
  • Cycling by the sea in front of the isle of Toro (Bull)  and the isle of Vacca (Cow)
  • Capo Sperone
  • The Semaforo  (the Traffic Light), a military ancient Building
  • Preistorical nuragic site Grutti Acqua

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The Map of the “Sant’Antioco” MTB Tour