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Trekking, the beauty of Sulcis Iglesiente

Trekking in Sulcis Iglesiente. What does it mean?

Trekking in southern Sardinia’s Sulcis Iglesiente, means travelling “through time and space”.

Pedra Rubia is at your disposal to offer you safe and exciting walking tours that are tailored to your skills and needs. Your trip will be made all the more enjoyable by tales and stories about the past culture of this special land.
All trekking tours pass through various types of terrain and offer a variety of panoramas, usually including sites of both natural and cultural interest.

What makes trekking tours in south-western Sardinia so unique?

  • The sense of achieving something through your own efforts, with destinations that are both attractive and untamed, such as beautiful beaches, small lakes and waterfalls, ancient villages, mines and mountain peaks
  • The views during the trip are unique, considering the spectacular coastal walking treks you can do, plus trips through the forests and along deserted hills with wide panoramas.
  • You travel in space but also in time, with historical sites from different ages, from prehistory to our own era.
  • Time will stop for the stories we tell you about the inhabitants, culture and natural history of these places
  • Variety is our watchword: variety in terms of different levels of difficulty, different kinds of itinerary (by the sea, through the mountains or a mixture), and different places every day if you choose a multy-day experience.

Here all the Trekking Trips of Pedra Rubia and our Trekking services.

Free Climbing Tips with Pedra Rubia

Rock and sea in the same day: enjoy the best of both in south-west Sardinia

Of all the areas in Sardinia offering good climbing, the south-west is the closest to airport and ferry connections. Domusnovas and Iglesias are just 45-50 km away from the airport (Elmas) and port at Cagliari.
Moreover, in south-west Sardinia has wonderful rock walls with all levels of difficulty and a huge range of rock and exposure types. Here you can climb at any time of year and during any part of the day. To promote this side of Sardinia we’ve created the Arrampicata Sardegna website. The aim is to provide support and find a sector to suit every need and taste.

Pedra Rubia offers you the chance to pass the day with a few hours of climbing (in the morning or in the afternoon) and another part of the day relaxing by the sea.  If you want to climb all day we can help you getting to the crags by our transfer service or just come together there. Come visit the most exciting crags of the Sulcis Iglesiente.
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Spring, autumn or winter: climbing by the sea

Castello dell'Iride - Masua
Castello dell’Iride – Masua

Close to the beach of Masua, above the Porto Flavia mine, you find the unique Mausa cliff. The view on its own would make the trip worthwhile, encompassing the whole breathtaking panorama of the gulf of Nebida and the Pan di Zucchero. The crag offers a wide range of difficulties on perfect rock characterised by delightful dripstone formations within vertical walls. Thanks to its south-east aspect, you can climb here throughout the day during winter. In the summer, you can spend the hottest time of the day by the sea, climbing after 5 pm, when the crag is in the shade.Contact us now to climb these wonderful crags!

Summer: climbing in the morning and the sea in the afternoon

Falesia Istentales - Gutturu Cardaxiu
Falesia Istentales – Gutturu Cardaxiu

Pedra Rubia’s proposes spending the morning climbing in the wonderful crags of the canyon of Gutturu Cardaxiu, close to Buggerru, with a choice of the Istentales or Banana Republic sectors, which are both in the shade in the morning and suitable for beginners. These sectors are just a few kilometres away from the fantastic and renowned beach of Cala Domestica, where you can spend the rest of the day.

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