Trekking Canal Grande Nebida – Cala Domestica

Half day Trekking itinerary

A breathtaking path up to the crags by the sea from where you can admire the beautiful and wild western Sardinian coast. From a prehistoric geological site – the Canal Grande of Nebida – to the untouched beach of Cala Domestica.
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Cala Domestica
Cala Domestica
  • Distance: 4,6 km (2.89 mi)
  • Time: 3,5 h
  • Elevation min: 0 m
  • Elevation max: 150 m (502f)
  • Elevation gain uphill: 130 m (423f)
  • Technical Difficulty: easy
  • Difficult level: moderate


  •  Figus mine
  • Canal Grande of Nebida
  • Cave of “Spigole”
  • Sciusciau harbor
  • Old mining railway
  • Cala Domestica (beach)
  • Spanish Tower

The Map of the “Canal Grande” Tour