Trekking Domusnovas San Michele Peak

Half day Trekking Itinerary

A scenic trek from the cave of San Giovanni, at Domusnovas, fully walkable for its entire 800-metre length, to the San Michele Peak and its 360° panorama including the sea on the horizon. On the way back, we explore an abandoned mining site including tunnels and caves.
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Punta San Michele
Peak of San Michele
  • Distance: 8,2 km (5.12 mi)
  • Time: 5 h
  • Elevation min: 200 m (682  f)
  • Elevation max: 900 m (2,930 f)
  • Elevation gain uphill: 780 m (2,523 f)
  • Technical Difficulty: easy
  • Difficult level: moderate


  • San Giovanni’s Cave
  • View of Cixerri Valley and Marganai Forest
  • San Michele Peak with a 360° panorama
  • View of Linas Mountains
  • Old canteen of miners and mine structures
  • Mining Caves

The Map of the “San Michele Peak” Tour