Mountain Bike Guided Tours

Mountain Biking Guided tours in Sardinia

Pedra Rubia is at your disposal to guide you through the wonderful territory of the Sulcis Iglesiente by mountain bike.

Guida MTB SardegnaYou can use your own mountain bike on our tours, or hire all the equipment you need from us.
The tour will be led by a Certified Mountain Bike Guide.

Come meet OUR TEAM!

Mountain Bike Guide Prices


1 day

1 Person 100 EURO
2 People 140 EURO
3 People 180 EURO
4 People 200 EURO
5 People 250 EURO
more than 6 People 300 EURO

The price is per day and it has to be shared among the participants. The fee includes organization and guiding by Mountain Biking Guide, insurance R.C. The cost of the transfer service to the starting point of the tour is excluded.
We also offer basic lessons for beginners.
You can rent one of our mountain bike with the biking equipment that includes helmets, gloves and camel-baks. The cost is 15 euro per bike.

Custom tours

Our tours are designed for you and with you. Just tell us your preferences, level and interests and we will plan the best trip for you. Half-day and one-day tours, which can fit into your holiday plans more easily, are also available.

Combined Holidays: experience a mix of sports

The advantage of dealing with Pedra Rubia is that you can enjoy a taste of more than one sort of sports adventure. You can be riding a mountain bike one day, walking on a Trekking Tour the next and climbing the day after that.

Contact us now to make all this possible!

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