Trekking of 5 Seastacks (5 faraglioni) – Nebida

Half day Trekking Itinerary

NOTE: Unfortunately, recently (March 2018) a significant (central) section of the Trekking was closed by an owner of the land crossed. It is not advisable to take the remaining part because to avoid the closed section it would be necessary to walk on the narrow and busy provincial road.

Spectacular views on one of the most beautiful sections of coast in Sardinia, whose natural and historical value has been recognized by UNESCO. See all of the five seastacks along the Nebida coast. The furthest is the famous Pan di Zucchero (the Sugarloaf), the highest stack in the Mediterranean Sea. At the end of the trail, we find Nebida’s “La Marmora” Laveria (wash house) a mining building that is part of Sardinia’s Geo-mining Park. Visit the Gallery!

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Macchia mediterranea sul mare
The 5 stacks on the horizon
  • Distance: 3,5 km (2,18 mi)
  • Tempo: 2 h
  • Elevation min: 0 m
  • Elevation max: 140 m (459 f)
  • Elevation gain uphill: 210 m (693 f)
  • Technical Difficulty: moderate
  • Difficult level: easy


  • The beach of Funtanamare
  • Portu Raffa or Stack of Morto
  • Stack of S’Agusteri
  • Stacks of Portu Banda and Portu Nebida
  • Laveria La Marmora of Nebida
  • Stack of Pan di Zucchero
  • Nebida’s Belvedere

The Map of the “5 Sea Stacks” MTB Tour