Trekking Masua – Canal Grande of Nebida

Half day Trekking

A scenic trek with breathtaking views of the famous seastack Pan di Zucchero (the Sugarloaf), which starts at the beach of Masua and reaches as far as the Canal Grande of Nebida bay, a magical place with a prehistoric flavour.
Here the gallery of the trekking: Flying by foot Pan di Zucchero.
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L'eleganza di Pan di Zucchero
The Seastack Pan di Zucchero
  • Distance: 4,7 km (2.92 mi)
  • Time: 3 h
  • Elevation min: 0 m
  • Elevation max: 320 m (1,052 f)
  • Elevation gain uphill: 350 m (1,148 f)
  • Technical Difficulty: moderate
  • Difficult level: moderate


  • Porto Flavia mine
  • Masua Crag
  • Pan di Zucchero View
  • Cala Domestica view
  • Bay of Canal Grande of Nebida
  • Cave of Spigole (of sea bass)

The Map of the “Masua” Tour

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