Trekking Waterfalls Murumannu and Piscina Irgas

Full day Trekking itinerary

A journey to find Sardinia’s highest waterfalls, set among forests and monumental granite canyons in the territory of Villacidro. The best seasons for this itinerary are spring and autumn, when the rivers are in flood and both the waterfalls, Murumannu and Piscina Irgas, are at their most beautiful.
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Pozza della Cascata Irgas
Waterfalls Piscina Irgas
  • Distance: 11,4 km (7.06 mi)
  • Time: 6 h
  • Elevation min: 360 m (1,171 f)
  • Elevation max: 660 m (2,156 f)
  • Elevation gain uphill: 475 m
  • Techinical Difficulty: moderate
  • Difficult level: moderate


  • Cantina Ferraris
  • Riu Cannisoni
  • Waterholes and streams
  • Murumannu Waterfall
  • Piscina Irgas Waterfall
  • Natural swimming pools along all the path

The Map of the “Waterfalls” Tour